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Kratom Leaf

The Kratom Leaf: Publicity, Notoriety and Love in 2017

Our beloved Mitragyna Speciosa has skyrocketed in popularity in the past years thanks to both the internet and television. Because of this, many have found it to be an unparalleled medical help for conditions from pain to opiate withdrawal. However, while hundreds of thousands have come to love this plant for its ability to drastically increase their quality of life, others have demonized the plant out of misinformation, as well as lack of information.

All over the world, news organizations, instead of researching this plant, decide to demonize it and lump it in with bath salts and label a threat to society and, of course, the kids. While this negative and factually incorrect publicity can do immense harm to the legal status of kratom leaves, it is truly the patients who use this plant are taking the biggest toll. In order to avoid this fate, the best thing we can do is to educate people about this plant in an objective and honest manner.

Recent Press
In CBS news’ recent press release, “Asian leaf ‘Kratom’ making presence felt in US emergency rooms”, quotes

“Estimating usage of the drug is impossible, but emergency events involving kratom appear to be increasing, he said. In 2005, only two incidents were reported by poison control centers nationwide. But Banner’s center dealt with six emergencies involving kratom in 2011, he said.”

What this article fails to display is that none of the emergency room visits were from kratom leaves alone, with one exception, in which a daily, heavy user didn’t know why he suddenly felt bad after cessation. Almost all visits were in combination with either narcotics or alcohol. Sadly, as the goal of news in the modern era isn’t to educate, but to invoke emotion to keep visitors coming back, and sadly fear is the most effective and easy to invoke of all. Additionally, it seems rare for a news company to ask in an objective matter, “what is kratom and is it dangerous?

In’s article entitled you can find the worst example of misinformation,

“2 Investigators: Dangerous New Drug Kratom Being Sold Legally In Illinois,”

Sadly, there are hardly any honest journalists when it comes to this plant, besides Forbes writer David DiSalvo who had the integrity to do his own research, he even decided to obtain kratom leaves for sale and use them for over a week. Arguably, the best part is he didn’t refer to it as a “pill called kratom.”

Uses and Medicinal Benefits of Kratom Leaves

The reason it would be devastating this plant is illegal is the vast amount of lives it would change for the worse. The kratom leaf has had amazing success in treating pain, opiate addiction, low energy and anxiety for many around the world. Even more, kratom vendors and buyers have found the leaves to be highly effective as a as a mood stabilizer and immune system stimulant.


One of the most prominent and effective medicinal use is for the treatment of pain. Many have successfully treated chronic pain with this plant as opposed to much more dangerous pain medication.

Opiate Addiction

Many have effectively used this plant is for opiate withdrawal and addiction. Many have switched from much more dangerous drugs to the kratom leaf as a maintenance medication for transitioning to sobriety. Additionally, many who suffer from PAWS, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, which is characterized by severe cravings and depression, have stated that it keeps them happy, functional and away from these substances.

Low Energy

Another benefit that some strains have is their energetic effects, which are much more well-rounded and less jittery and harsh than caffeine. This has had amazing effect for those who do manual labor in harsh conditions.


According to the ADAA, anxiety affects upwards of 18 percent of Americans. This statistic is frightening, because many anxiety medications, such as benzodiazepines have severe withdrawal syndromes which can result in seizures and death. Additionally, these medications have a tremendous amount of side effects.

While the kratom leaf is a wonderful medicinal herb, it is not always the right choice for everyone. However, for those whom it is a necessity, it is necessary to ensure that this herb remains legal. Sadly, the biggest threat to the legality of this plant is the pharmaceutical industry, which would rather monopolize health maintenance than help people, and the media. Sadly, even if prohibition did begin, many would still find kratom leaf for sale and potentially go to prison for treating their conditions.
For those who are looking to make a difference in the legality of kratom leaves, spreading information or joining lobby organizations such as the Botanical Legal Defense are a great options.

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