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Is Kratom Legal ?

Is Kratom Legal In The US And The World

For many people, kratom has been a tremendous asset, thanks to the plant’s potent medicinal effects; sadly, throughout a portion of the world, and in the US, kratom has been made illegal. While the policy makers often believe they are doing a service to the people they govern, nearly all the legal battles this plant has faced are due to misinformation, propaganda and lack of information.

Kratom is very helpful for reasons from pain relief to opiate addiction, and studies and anecdotal reports suggest that it is very effective for these purposes. By making kratom illegal, many people have been unable to treat their conditions, causing a variety of problems. Anyone interested in protecting the legal status of this plant and ensure the population has the medicinal plant they need should take action.

Kratom’s Legal Status Throughout the World

Sadly, while there are 196 countries in the world,  four have made this plant explicitly illegal for all purposes, and another 10 countries have imposed strict regulations, often criminalizing it and labeling it a Schedule 1 drug.


The countries in which kratom are entirely illegal are:

  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Burma
  • Malaysia

All of these countries have strict regulations on kratom, during a kratom ban, in many countries being in possession of it can lead to jail time, and in the case of Thailand, Burma and Malaysia, even the death penalty has been given. Justifiable by law or not, killing a citizen in the name of harm reduction seems counter-intuitive, and extreme.

Harsh Regulations

In other countries which have not imposed outright bans, but instead, regulations on kratom; the majority of them are harsh, labeling it as a Schedule 1 drug. These countries are as follows:

  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Romania
  • New Zealand


There are a few other countries in which the legal status of kratom is fairly tentative, and less strict regulations have been put into effect:

  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom

While all of these countries have placed regulations on this plant, some are more strict that others. Because of this, it is important to study the laws of local regions before traveling with it.

Is Kratom Legal in the US?

Luckily, despite heavy pushes, kratom is legal in the majority of states with in the US. Different states have different regulations on it, and each state’s bill is worded differently, some banning kratom outright, and some banning only specific alkaloids from the plant. Because of this, it is necessary to look into state bills and learn the consequences if living in one of these states.


  • Wisconsin
  • Tennessee (Bill worded strangely, potential loopholes)
  • Vermont
  • Indiana

Is kratom legal in your area? If so, it sadly is a good idea to avoid it, as the legal consequences may be devastating.


  • Louisiana – Illegal for human consumption
  • FL – Only Illegal in Broward and Sarasota County
  • Illinois – Only regulated by a minimum age of 18 years


  • Iowa

Keeping Kratom Legal

We applaud anyone who wants to join the fight to keep kratom legal. There are many people who need this plant to maintain a comfortable standard of living due to medical conditions, and fighting against misinformation and misrepresentation is one of the best means of evoking change.

Head Shops

One of the primary reasons that this plant has had such bad publicity is because it is commonly sold in head shops, besides other dangerous research chemical, despite merely being a plant. This has caused a variety of state laws to lump kratom and related extracts in with a variety of other dangerous substances. Standing up against head shop sales of this plant could do wonders to keep this plant legal.


Another fantastic way to evoke change is to email your congressman in states where kratom’s status is tentative, or illegal. By adding your voice, the chances of keeping this plant legal can only improve

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